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Giving students feedback, simply, telling them what they did or didn't do, is a research-backed method for improving student learning. It works. The problem is, it also takes time, and that's the one commodity that teachers value most. To give students the individual attention they need, while staying sane in the process, I've gathered systems, strategies and tools from some of the best writing teachers out there. Subscribe below, and I'll share it all with you for free.

"What will I get?"
  • The Simplify Feedback Guide: A 20-page guide with an organization system for your overwhelming paper load, the clear way to comment on student work so they get what you're telling them, and the technology tools I use for leaving students audio feedback.
  • The How to Put Feedback First Course: A free online course with concrete examples of feedback on student work that helps and hurts, as well as demonstrations of the tools and tactics to respond to student work well.
  • Teaching Through Conversation: A Beginner's Guide to Conferencing: A 16-page ebook that gets you up and running with the conference, the best use of class time for helping readers and writers. I'll show you what I think is the most important way to start every conference as well as how to arrange the classroom and keep track of student conversations.
  • You'll also get my new article every Friday morning, filled with ideas for how to become a better teacher, balance your workload, and focus on student learning.
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